Photo Gallery

You can attach multiple photographs of a patient in the Photo Gallery of Vision Elite, to help patient with frame selection, providing value added service to your patients.


Multiple practices can be linked in Vision Elite so you can access another branches’ records, appointments, stocks etc. Records entered from other branches come up in different colour to the ones entered locally, so they are easily distinguishable.

Built-in Cashbook

MYOB Interface

Vision Elite comes with built-in Cashbook, so you don’t have to buy a separate accounting system. This easy-to-use software allows you to print cheques, reconcile bank statement etc. Its Account Payable can keep track of supplier invoices and credits. There are many financial reports e.g. reports for BAS. Alternatively, financial figures from Vision Elite can be exported to MYOB.

Intelligent Barcoding

Besides frames, solutions and sundries, most patient printouts are also barcoded, allowing quick access of records, e.g. for pick-up, cash-sale, re-stock etc, increasing efficiency.

SUNIX Vision Elite

Vision Elite is a practice management system designed to run on both Tablet PC and normal computers such as desktops, laptops etc. Vision Elite has specific functions specially designed for Tablets e.g.

Prescription Bars

By just tapping on the screen, you can put in the prescription quicker than you can type or write

Automatic pick lists for Multiple selection

So you don’t need to do much typing at all, and data entry becomes very quick

Special position of screens

When running on Tablet PC’s, to fully utilise the whole screen area. For example, you can see the whole Appointment screen while you are entering the consultation


Personalised Consultation screen

There are 6 consultation screen layouts you can choose. And you can customise a Consultation screen to your own design.





Patient Photographs

Patient photographs can be stored for identification





Frame Photographs

for better recording and more accurate stocktake



Resizable and Re-positionable screens        

Vision Elite uses the latest Windows technology. Each user can set up different screens to the size and position he/she wants.

Vision Elite also has:

SMS & Email

HICAPS Interface

HIC Online Electronic Medicare Claiming

Veterans Affairs Electronic Claiming

Eyetalk Update

Electronic Lens Ordering

Image & Photographs Management


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SUNIX Privacy Policy

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SUNIX Vision Terms of Use



While you run Vision Elite on normal computers at the reception and the lab, you can also run Vision Elite on a Tablet PC in the consulting room or in the frame selection area while the patient is selecting frames, giving you mobility and improving patient care.

Better Rapport

with Patients

Tablet PC takes away the impersonal feeling of a computer. It gives you better rapport with your patients. It is just like handwritten record cards, with the added benefits of a computerised system. This cutting edge technology has taken practice computerization to the next level !



You can hand-write directly onto the Tablet and it will be recognised and converted into typed text.

Better Drawing

You can draw more accurately and naturally with a pen directly onto Tablet screen than with a mouse

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