Vision 2007 Update Log

The followings are some of the features in the Vision 2007 Updates:

10/10/2007, Version 2007.E

  • it now reads the new Eyetalk format for updating or importing (you can download procedure on Eyetalk Update)

13/06/2007, Version 2007.C1.6

  • If a Consult Item No is modified in the Bulk Billing Transaction screen, the Item No in the Consult screen will automatically be modified accordingly.

  • When repeating a Contact Lens Order, the quantity is now default to the same as the previous order.

  • Under Dispensing, in the Spectacle Not Ready, Spectacle Ready, Spectacle Collected, Contact Lens Not Ready and Contact Lens Ready lists, the Contact Preference is now shown at the bottom section of the screens. (Contact Preference is entered as 1, 2, 3 etc from the Patient Details screen.)

16/03/2007, Version 2007.C

  • Under Statistics, there is a new report, Spectacle Prescription Report, showing the daily spectacle prescriptions by Dispensers.

13/03/2007, Version 2007.B2

  • Under Statistics, there is a new report, Spectacle Lens Extra Report, showing the Lens Extras sorted by Dispensers.

  • In the Frame Details screen, the Detail Frame Usage Report can also be exported to Excel.

  • After SMS is sent for recall, the patient(s) will be marked as sent in the Recall List

  • In the Billing screen, when a "PS" is entered under the "By" column, a valid Product Code must be entered, because PS (Patient Sundry) is only used for selling Sundry from the Inventory to the patient

  • Under Financial - Negative Billing Item Report, the printout now shows the Item Number (instead of the Product Code).

16/01/2007, Version 2007.A

  • For New Zealand practices that have SMS, you now have an option of using a NZ messaging service provider or continue to use the Australian one. (Contact SUNIX for details of the NZ messaging service provider).

  • In the Banking Transaction printout, the "DDep" direct deposits are now listed separate to the other direct deposits such as HICAPS

  • When importing or updating from Eyetalk, multiple item numbers (e.g. 212,612,642,652) will be put in automatically if there were no item numbers set up for that lens before

  • If that spectacle Item numbers (e.g. 212,612,642,652) were not already in the Item Number List, it will be created automatically

  • When creating Appointment Slots from Templates, the appointment Type will be put in as well



Vision 2007 Report log

The followings are new reports or reports that have been changed in the updates:

Version 2007.A

Negative Billing Item Report   

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