Old Vision Update

This is the updates for the old Vision 2007 program. Do NOT run the Vision 2007 Updates if your are running the new Vision Elite program, otherwise, your program will get downgraded

Update Procedure

  1. Click  to download Old Vision 2007 Update (2007.F7)

  2. You will be asked whether to run it through the internet or save it in disk. Select “save in disk” (disk means hard disk)

  3. Then you will be asked where to save the file in. Click onto the white rectangular box next to Save In to bring up a Pick List. Select C: drive. Do NOT save in the Desktop or the Vision folder

  4. The download will take about 20-30 minutes for Dial-up, or a few minutes for broadband. During/After the download, you can click onto 2007 Update Log for listing of the new features or changes in the updates

  5. When the download is complete, exit out of Vision on all computers

  6. Backup Vision

  7. Go to My Computer, then C: and double click onto VisionUpdate or VisionUpdate.exe

  8. At the Welcome screen, click onto Next

  9. At the Choose Destination Location screen

    • If you are at a standalone computer or at the Fileserver, just click Next

    • If you are installing from a Workstation, click onto Browse. At the C: drive at the bottom, change it to the Network drive and then click OK. It will come up “the folder already exists”. Then click onto “Yes”. Then back at the Choose Destination Location screen, click onto Next

  10. Then click onto Next and Next, and then Finish

If you are already running Vision Elite but ran the Vision 2007 Update by mistake, you can upgrade back to Vision Elite by running the Vision Elite Update












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