Latest Vision Elite Update Log

The followings are some of the new features in the Vision Elite 17 & 18 Updates:

16/10/2018,  Version 18.7

  • Add Wearer initials and Progression Length to Email Spectacle Lens order.

15/8/2018,  Version 18.6

  • In Create Newsletter List, there is a new "Advanced Search" button for additional search criteria from the Consultation screens:

    • Consultation Date
    • Consultation Item
    • Symptom
    • History Note
    • Medication
    • Ophthalmoscopy
    • Biomicroscopy
    • Visual Field
    • those 6 Other Test fields of the Spectacle Consultation screen
    • the Note filed of the Contact Lens Consultation screen

26/7/2018,  Version 18.5

  • This update contains the new Veterans Affairs prices for Visual Aids. The first time you start SUNIX Vision after the update, you will be asked whether to update the fees or not.

15/5/2018,  Version 18.4

  • Xero interface program has been updated for multiple practices with the same account.

2/4/2018,  Version 18.3

  • In the Spectacle screen, the Advance Progressive Parameters button now  contains extra parameters -  Near Vision Behaviour and Laterality.

  • If Near Vision Behaviour and Laterality are entered, the values will be included in the Lens Order printout, Email order, Essilink and Winlinx.

6/3/2018,  Version 18.2

  • The Topcon Maestro OCT Interface has been updated, which does not require Copy & Paste anymore.

  • The new Maestro interface now has 2 modes:

    • Capture -which can add new patients in Maestro

    • Search - which is for patients already in Maestro

13/2/2018,  Version 18.1

  • Under Statistics, there is a new Transition Usage Report .

12/12/2017,  Version 17.20

  • In the KPI report, 10907 is also included in the Initial Consultation count.

30/11/2017,  Version 17.19

  • In the Spec screen, there is now a new button "Send to other add", for sending the completed spectacles to an address other than the practice or patient address.

24/10/2017,  Version 17.18

  • There is a new instrument interface for the Optos. (Contact SUNIX for setup if required.)

  • In the Patient Details screen, the Frame Approval list is now sorted in descending order, showing the latest at the top.

  • In the Medicare Transaction List, "Modify Item No" is not allowed for bills on or before the Closeoff Date, which is set in Maintenance - Billing/Banking Setup.

03/10/2017,  Version 17.17

  • The Spectacle Prescription printout now show the Mono PD's as well as the Binocular PD.

08/09/2017,  Version 17.16

  • In Maintenance - Lens Code Setup Spectacle and Supplier's Details, the "Import/Update Lenses" button now contains the full Essilor lens list which you can import into your Vision system. (If you would like other lab's lenses to be included for import, please ask your lab to contact SUNIX for listing.)

  • Under the Quick Menu, the Frame Import list is now sorted by Brand, Model as well as Colour.

  • For setting up letter templates, there are new merge fields for patient address that do not use Postal details (Propertyx, Streetx, Suburbx, Statex, PostCodex).

25/08/2017,  Version 17.15

  • When saving a Consultation or Spectacle record, it now checks that all Cyl must have Axis.

  • There is now another export method for  Xero. By default, it will change to the new method which will export the Banking sub-totals as Payments in Xero (instead of as Suspended Accounts with the old method):

    • For the new Payment export method, please go to Maintenance - Billing/Banking Setup - Banking Export Xero - Chart of Accounts, to set up the "Other GST free" and Bank Names.

    • If you want to revert back to the old "Suspended Account" method, you can go to Maintenance - Billing/Banking Setup - Banking Export Xero - Export Methods

  • There is a new instrument interface for the Optopol OCT. (Contact SUNIX for setup if required.)

  • In the Billing screen, the Qty field can now accept upto 4 digit numbers.

26/07/2017,  Version 17.14

  • When creating a new Contact Lens Order, a warning message will come up if the Contact Lens Rx is older than the CL Expiry. (You can set up the CL Exipry in Maintenance - Consultation Setup.)

  • In the Patient screen, when hovering the mouse over Ophthalmologist, Doctor or Last Optom, there is now a tooltip showing its name and suburb.

  • In Patient screen, when right click on Ophthalmologist, Doctor or Last Optom, the cursor will be positioned at the selected one in the list.

  • In the Spectacle screen, when right click on Lens Extra, the cursor will be positioned at the selected one in the list.

  • For "Quoted" Spectacle records, if there is a newer Rx from Consult at the time the "Qutoed" Job Type is removed or changed to an order, a prompt will come up indicating that there is a newer Rx. (If you want to assign the newer Rx, you can modify the job and click onto the "Prev Rx" button.)

  • In the File menu at the top, the External Reference List is also sorted by Type (and then External Ref).

4/07/2017,  Version 17.13

  • For Letter Templates, there is a new  merge field for Mono PD of the Consult record.

  • There is a new instrument interface for the Shin Nippon DR-900 Phoropter. (Contact SUNIX for setup if required.)

30/05/2017,  Version 17.12

  • In the Spec screen, the Print "Lens Order" now shows the Dominant Eye.

  • There is a new instrument interface for the Optopol Perimeter. (Contact SUNIX for setup if required.)

  • In the Optometrist / Doctor / Dispenser's Details screen, there is a new field for Employee ID.

  • In the Appointment screen, the length of the Note field in the "Print Appointment List by Optom" has been increased.

17/05/2017,  Version 17.11

  • Under File - External Reference List, the "Print External Reference List according to Ext Ref No" can now export to Excel. The exported file will be located in the "Export" folder of  V2K.

  • Under Maintenance - Dispensing/Frame Setup, the "Lab Due" default can now accept upto 2 digits.

06/04/2017,  Version 17.10

  • In the Quick Menu, the Frame Gallery button is now changed to "Frame Import", where one can download and import the latest frame details from suppliers into inventory.

(If you would like to be able to import frames from other suppliers that you  use, please ask your frame suppliers to contact SUNIX and request to have their frames listed for SUNIX users.)

  • (Optional) If you like, daily update of the supplier frame details can be setup to update information such as supplier stock status, so that you know when the supplier is out of stock or has discontinued a frame. Your frame information would not get changed (e.g. your Inventory quantity, your Cost prices, your Sale price, Frame Status and whether it is Display Stock etc would stay the same) . Contact SUNIX if you would like to set up automatic update of the supplier frame information.

  • Under Dispensing - Spectacle Type report, there is  a new "Export to Excel" option.

21/03/2017,  Version 17.9

  • Under Maintenance, the Spectacle Analysis reports can now be exported to Excel, and the exported file is located in the "Export" folder in V2K.

  • In the Supplier Details screen under Maintenance, you can now set up the Default Fitting Type for a supplier.

  • If there is a Default Fitting Type for a supplier, the Fitting Type in the Spectacle screen will come up automatically when a lens from that supplier is entered.

  • When saving a Spectacle record, if the frame is a Display Stock and the Supplier Stock Status is 0, it will prompt "Supplier is out of stock. Do you want to send in the practice's floor stock?" If click "Yes", Stock on hand will be deducted, and "Send Floor Stock to Lab" will be displayed underneath the frame.

  • Now in Practice Summary Report, it would not show any Bulk Billers that have no Bulk Billing Payment.

10/02/2017,  Version 17.8

  • Under Statistics, the KPI report also shows the "Old Patient" number and percentage over the report period (as well as the "New Patient" number and percentage).

  • KPI Report with previous year now uses a Report Setup separate to the KPI Report without previous year.

  • Billing Item / Cashsale Report with previous year now uses a Report Setup separate to the Billing Item / Cashsale Report without previous year.

10/01/2017,  Version 17.7

  • For Letter Templates, there are new merge fields for Consultation:

    • Distance Cover test

    • Near Cover test

    • NPC

    • Unaided Distance Phoria Horizontal

    • Unaided Distance Phoria Vertical

    • Unaided Near Phoria Horizontal

    • Unaided Near Phoria Vertical

    • Aided Distance Phoria Horizontal

    • Aided Distance Phoria Vertical

    • Aided Near Phoria Horizontal

    • Aided Near Phoria Vertical

    • B+

    • B-

    • Amplitude of Accom

    • Stereopsis

    • Binocular Other Test 1, 2 & 3

    • Binocular Other Result 1, 2 & 3

14/12/2016,  Version 17.6

  • In the Spectacle screen, there is a new option for "Frame to order from lab". If ticked, the email order will show "Please supply and fit the following frame" with the Frame Supplier Stock Code.

  • The "Frame to order from lab" in the Spec screen defaults from the setting of the selected frame in the Frame details screen (the "To order from lab" field).

  • If majority of your frames are Display frames that are to be ordered from the lab, you can go to Maintenance - Dispensing/Frame Setup to tick "Frame to order Lab". That way, when entering New frames, it will default the new frame "To order from Lab". (Note: this default is for new frame entries only. It would not affect existing frames)

  • Under Financial - Banking Reconciliation, you can print the Bank statement to Excel.

01/12/2016,  Version 17.5

  • In the Spectacle screen, there is a new option for "Lab to send spectacles to patient". If ticked, the email order and print order will show "Please send spectacles to patient" with the patient's details.

  • Under Maintenance - Dispensing/Frame Setup, you can default the "Lab to send spectacles to patient" to always ticked.

  • Under statistics, the Frame Brand report is renamed to "Frame Stock Turn report by Brand". Now it also reports frames sold through Cashsale or as sunglasses in the Bill (not just in spectacles).

  • In Maintenance - Login Id & Password, the passwords do not show on the screen now. You can still modify to re-enter a password (if you have access to the screen).

  • In Maintenance - Staff Code & Password, the passwords do not show on the screen now. You can still modify to re-enter a password (if you have access to the screen).

22/11/2016,  Version 17.4

  • In the Appointment screen, when an appointment is "moved" to a time slot that already has an appointment, there is now an option to merge the two appointments into one, or to insert and keep both.

10/11/2016,  Version 17.3

  • From this version onwards, a notification screen will automatically pop up at the bottom right corner of the screen whenever there is a new Vision Update available from the SUNIX website.

28/10/2016,  Version 17.2

  • SUNIX has launched a new "Welcome to Practice" app. This app can be run on iPad, Android tablet, Windows tablet or smart phone. This would modernize and enhance the image of your practice. Besides basic information like name and address, you can also customize your logo, and questionnaire with pick lists of answers e.g. occupation, hobbies etc. This app is to be used in the practice when a patient comes in:

    °  the patients can fill in the details themselves, thus saving your staff time in data entry; or

    °   your staff can walk to the patient and fill in for them, thus freeing up the reception counter

    Then in SUNIX Vision, the patient will automatically queue up in the Appointment screen, and the information can be transferred into the patient.

    (Contact SUNIX for information & setup)

  • Hobby is added to the NZ Patient Details screen. You can press F5 or R-click for the pick list.

  • Under the top Patient menu, you can now Check the Billing & Balance of the patient.

24/10/2016,  Version 17.1

  • Under Financial, the 4 Billing Summary reports now have a new "Export to Excel" option in the Print menu.

  • There is now a new merge field, age, for inserting patient's age in letter templates.

12/10/2016,  Version 16.19

  • When printing prescription, it now prompts a screen  asking the reason why the patient requires a prescription.

  • Under Statistics, there is a new Spectacle Prescription Reason report.

  • Under Statistics, the KPI report can now be filtered by Optometrist.

  • The Daily appointment screen is shortened by 1 line so that it will fit in screen height of 760.

19/09/2016,  Version 16.16

  • Under Financial, there is a new Payment Summary by Date report

  • The layout of the Create Newsletter List has been re-arranged for better clarification. There are also tool-tips on some of the boxes when the mouse is hoovered over

15/08/2016,  Version 16.14

  • New merge fields for Given Prism for mail merge in letters

20/07/2016,  Version 16.13

  • Under Financial - Billing Summary, there is a new Billing Summary Report by Time

15/06/2016,  Version 16.11

  • For Multiple-branch, the Consultatoin, Spectacle, Billing and Payment screens now also follows the same colour of the branch (like the Patient screen).

10/06/2016,  Version 16.10

  • In both the Supplier screen and the Lens Code Spectacle screen, there is a new Import/Update Lenses button for importing Eyezen lenses.

31/05/2016,  Version 16.9

  • There is now an interface for the Xero accounting system. (For more information and  setup, please contact SUNIX)

18/05/2016,  Version 16.7

  • For Appointment Email, there is now a new Merge Field for Appointment Note

05/05/2016,  Version 16.6

  • In the Frame List, there is now a Restock button, so you can restock directly from the list.

  • For Letter Template, docm format can also be used now.

13/04/2016,  Version 16.5

  • For SMS, there is now a new merge field for Job number.

07/04/2016,  Version 16.04e

  • In the Spectacle screen, each  Discount Reason can now have a pre-set Discount value for frame and lenses. (To set up, R-click on Discount Reason to modify)

  • Under Statistics, there is a new Spectacle Lens Detail Usage Report.

  • Under Statistics, there is a new Appointment Report, showing the number of no-shows and shown appointments by optometrist.

  • In the Contact Lens Order screen, in addition to the Email Order option at the top menu, there is now an Email Order  button in the CL Order screen (underneath the Supplier Order Date).

31/01/2016,  Version 16.03f

  • For SMS templates, a new merge field is added for Last Consultation Date.

  • Under Statistics, there is a new report "Spectacle Frame Report by Brand, which shows the Stock Turn.

  • When creating Bill from Spec, you can now have different Frame Descriptions in the Bill according to the frame sale price after discount. (To set up, go to Maintenance - Dispensing / Frame and click onto the Frame Billing Descriptions button.)

  • For Multiple-branch version, in the Frame Transfer screen, besides scanning the barcode, now you can also R-click to bring up the Frame List to select.

23/12/2015,  Version 16.02

Medicare Online Update (version 6):

  • new Patient Claim, in which patient makes full payment to practice first, and the practice submits the claim on behalf of the patient. Then Medicare pays the patient direct

  • new Veterans Jobs claiming, which you can now claim for spectacles and contact lenses electronically to DVA

  • Veterans Consultation claiming which you do not need to send in paper copy any more

  • Medicare Bulk Billing, which you can now send claims older than 6 months (upto 2 years)

  • new Validation function for Medicare and Veterans, which checks the Medicare and Veterans' number, reference number, issue number, name and date of birth (not eligibility)

To update Medicare Online, please contact SUNIX for instruction.

14/12/2015,  Version 16.01m

  • In the KPI report, there is an extra section for Appointment Statistics, showing number of no-shows, patients shown up, non-patients shown up and forward appointments.

  • The Practice Summary Weekly can also export to file.

13/10/2015,  Version 16.01e

  • At the top menu bar, the Patient menu now has an extra option to "Check Balance for this Patient"

  • Under Financial, the Billing Item / Cash Sale Report now has an extra option to include Previous Year's figures.

  • Under Statistic, the KPI Report now has an extra option to include Previous Year's figures.

  • In the Patient screen, there is a new field for Hobby. You can R-click to bring up the Pick List to select, and you can make multiple selection.

  • When Create Newsletter List, you can now filter by Hobby.

  • In Create Newsletter List, you can make multiple selection in Health Fund and Hobby

  • In Create Newsletter List, you can exclude Health Fund.



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