Old Vision Elite 16 Update Log

The followings are some of the new features in the Vision Elite 16 Updates:

12/10/2016,  Version 16.19

  • When printing prescription, it now prompts a screen  asking the reason why the patient requires a prescription.

  • Under Statistics, there is a new Spectacle Prescription Reason report.

  • Under Statistics, the KPI report can now be filtered by Optometrist.

  • The Daily appointment screen is shortened by 1 line so that it will fit in screen height of 760.

19/09/2016,  Version 16.16

  • Under Financial, there is a new Payment Summary by Date report

  • The layout of the Create Newsletter List has been re-arranged for better clarification. There are also tool-tips on some of the boxes when the mouse is hoovered over

15/08/2016,  Version 16.14

  • New merge fields for Given Prism for mail merge in letters

20/07/2016,  Version 16.13

  • Under Financial - Billing Summary, there is a new Billing Summary Report by Time

15/06/2016,  Version 16.11

  • For Multiple-branch, the Consultatoin, Spectacle, Billing and Payment screens now also follows the same colour of the branch (like the Patient screen).

10/06/2016,  Version 16.10

  • In both the Supplier screen and the Lens Code Spectacle screen, there is a new Import/Update Lenses button for importing Eyezen lenses.

31/05/2016,  Version 16.9

  • There is now an interface for the Xero accounting system. (For more information and  setup, please contact SUNIX)

18/05/2016,  Version 16.7

  • For Appointment Email, there is now a new Merge Field for Appointment Note

05/05/2016,  Version 16.6

  • In the Frame List, there is now a Restock button, so you can restock directly from the list.

  • For Letter Template, docm format can also be used now.

13/04/2016,  Version 16.5

  • For SMS, there is now a new merge field for Job number.

07/04/2016,  Version 16.04e

  • In the Spectacle screen, each  Discount Reason can now have a pre-set Discount value for frame and lenses. (To set up, R-click on Discount Reason to modify)

  • Under Statistics, there is a new Spectacle Lens Detail Usage Report.

  • Under Statistics, there is a new Appointment Report, showing the number of no-shows and shown appointments by optometrist.

  • In the Contact Lens Order screen, in addition to the Email Order option at the top menu, there is now an Email Order  button in the CL Order screen (underneath the Supplier Order Date).

31/01/2016,  Version 16.03f

  • For SMS templates, a new merge field is added for Last Consultation Date.

  • Under Statistics, there is a new report "Spectacle Frame Report by Brand, which shows the Stock Turn.

  • When creating Bill from Spec, you can now have different Frame Descriptions in the Bill according to the frame sale price after discount. (To set up, go to Maintenance - Dispensing / Frame and click onto the Frame Billing Descriptions button.)

  • For Multiple-branch version, in the Frame Transfer screen, besides scanning the barcode, now you can also R-click to bring up the Frame List to select.

23/12/2015,  Version 16.02

Medicare Online Update (version 6):

  • new Patient Claim, in which patient makes full payment to practice first, and the practice submits the claim on behalf of the patient. Then Medicare pays the patient direct

  • new Veterans Jobs claiming, which you can now claim for spectacles and contact lenses electronically to DVA

  • Veterans Consultation claiming which you do not need to send in paper copy any more

  • Medicare Bulk Billing, which you can now send claims older than 6 months (upto 2 years)

  • new Validation function for Medicare and Veterans, which checks the Medicare and Veterans' number, reference number, issue number, name and date of birth (not eligibility)

To update Medicare Online, please contact SUNIX for instruction.

14/12/2015,  Version 16.01m

  • In the KPI report, there is an extra section for Appointment Statistics, showing number of no-shows, patients shown up, non-patients shown up and forward appointments.

  • The Practice Summary Weekly can also export to file.

13/10/2015,  Version 16.01e

  • At the top menu bar, the Patient menu now has an extra option to "Check Balance for this Patient"

  • Under Financial, the Billing Item / Cash Sale Report now has an extra option to include Previous Year's figures.

  • Under Statistic, the KPI Report now has an extra option to include Previous Year's figures.

  • In the Patient screen, there is a new field for Hobby. You can R-click to bring up the Pick List to select, and you can make multiple selection.

  • When Create Newsletter List, you can now filter by Hobby.

  • In Create Newsletter List, you can make multiple selection in Health Fund and Hobby

  • In Create Newsletter List, you can exclude Health Fund.



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