Latest Elite Update

Only run the latest Elite Update if your Maintenance is up-to-date.

Update Procedure:

  1. Exit out of Vision on all computers and Backup Vision.

  2. At the main Fileserver, click onto

either: Download Latest Update

or:        Download Latest Update

(version 19.9.2)

If you are asked whether to Save or Run, click "Save" to save the file in your hard disk.

If you are asked where to "Save In", select the Downloads folder or just the root of the C: drive.

  1. The download will take a few minutes (for broadband). When the download is complete, click "Open Containing Folder" or "Show File in Folder". You will see the EliteUpdate file you just downloaded.

  2. Double click onto EliteUpdate to run

  3. At the Welcome screen, click onto Next

  4. At the Select Destination Location screen, make sure the location is where your program is (see the note at the side panel of this page on where to find the location of your program)

If what shows up in the box is incorrect, click onto Browse to change it

  1. Then click onto Next.

If it prompts "the folder already exists", just click Yes.

  1. Then Install.

  2. To find out the new features or changes in the updates, click onto the following:

Elite Update Log

If your Maintenance has already expired, you will not be able to complete the latest update. If your Maintenance expired and you attempted the latest update, you must put the old update back on. Otherwise, it may cause Vision to crash.


Old Vision 2007 Updates


New Medicare

Item numbers

Elite update version 15.02 onwards contains the new Medicare item numbers and fees for 1st Sept 2015. This update can be run before 01/09/2015, as the fees will not get changed until 1st Sept.



To find the location

of your program

In SUNIX Vision. the location of the program is displayed underneath the big SUNIX logo:



For example C:\V2K

For Frame Gallery

If you do not have the right version of ".NET", you need to click onto the link below to download from Microsoft the


Microsoft .NET


SUNIX Computer Consultants Pty Limited