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Medicare Online Update (version 6)

  • new Patient Claim, in which patient makes full payment to practice first, and the practice submits the claim on behalf of the patient. Then Medicare pays the patient direct

  • new Veterans Jobs claiming, which you can now claim for spectacles and contact lenses electronically to DVA

  • Veterans Consultation claiming which you do not need to send in paper copy any more

  • Medicare Bulk Billing, which you can now send claims older than 6 months (upto 2 years)

  • new Validation function for Medicare and Veterans, which checks the Medicare and Veterans' number, reference number, issue number, name and date of birth (not eligibility)

To update Medicare Online, please contact SUNIX for instruction.

Anti-virus issues

31/05/2016 Norton issue

24/07/2014 AVG issue

Health Fund Newsletter

To send out Newsletters for all patients that are in private health but have not purchased spectacles or contact lenses this year:

  1. If you haven't already set up the Newsletter Template yet, you need to go to Maintenance, Letter Template - Newsletter, to create a newsletter template (make sure the Mail Merge is set up properly)

  2. Go to Patient, then Create Newsletter List

at "Health Fund", enter *

tick "Exclude Patients with Spec record"

tick "Exclude Patients with CL record"

enter Exclusion from 1st Jan this year to Today

at "Letter Name", press F5 or right-click to select the letter that you already set up

New Medicare Certificates

On 9th March 2014, Medicare has changed the Medicare Certificates for Medicare Online. For practices that are running Medicare Online and are in Vision Maintenance, please download and run the latest Vision Elite Update (version 13C01 or above). Then contact SUNIX for the procedure on how to load the new Medicare Certificates.

Eyetalk Update

The latest issue of Eyetalk requires the latest version of SUNIX Vision before you can run the Eyetalk Import/Update.

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